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Recycling Basics for the Home

Sure, recycling requires a significant amount of time from our busy schedules every once in a while but the benefits of it make it worth it. Not only is recycling beneficial for our homes but it has a lot of positive impacts on our environment as well. Benefits of recycling include conservation of natural resources, reduction in the quantity of waste sent to incinerators, sustainment of the environment (to name a few). So now that you know the perks of recycling, maybe it’s time for you to change your ways and make better decisions for your house and the environment. We have compiled a list of few recycling basics which will help a newbie to start recycling... [Read More]

Are You a Momprenuer? Wondering If You Could Be? #Free Virtual Event

Have you heard? International Christian Mompreneur Network is bringing together successful and inspirational mom entrepreneurs for a FREE 2-Day Virtual Business Summit – and you’re invited! Some of us would like to find a way to be …

How to know what is the right bunk bed for your child

When you have multiple children living in the home space can become an issue, particularly when you only have so many rooms. One of the best ways to tackle this problem is to buy bunk beds to help free up some space and add some additional storage …

Pre-Order Thru July 1st

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Bring on the Blessings — Blessings Series #1

The Blessing Series by Beverly Jenkins, has me ready to dig into the second book. Bring on the Blessings, the first book in the series, had me hook, line and sinker. I like reading about people doing good and bringing about good from bad, now that is …

VYRSO Christian eBooks

Vyrso is an intriguing site. I've been doing some study and personal growth exercises, so this sounded like something that would be helpful. I would really like to see the app be able to save other books besides the ones on site. The ability to look …

Good Faith! No Bull!

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Another Day In Paradise


Are You Godly? Worldly?

The #1 Way to Change Your Fate is a post written by Susan Turton. she offers an email series called Miss Proverbs 31 Ministries. …

#Pray the Rosary for Peace

This is definitely something we can all do, with very little effort. I have my rosary in a small pouch in my purse. The pouch is small enough to fit in a man's pants pocket as well. …

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Just Thinking Out Loud

Niche, Niche, Who’s Got a Niche?

You here it everywhere in the blog world. You have to have a niche. What I'd your niche, Stay within your niche.

Entitlement or Privileged?

This kid is amazing! If he had a job he could have fixed up the truck or put his money with his parents, if that was agreeable to the parents, to purchase something more to his liking. I find the "entitlement" that these kids think they have to be disgusting. …