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Simplifying Laundry for Children — Chores

A guest post about helping children learn laundry chores.

While browsing around for the right prepaid phone plans and finishing two loads of laundry, it occurred to me how extremely challenging it’s been lately to get six kids, a husband, and my own laundry done. It’s always a horrible week when weekends turn into laundry marathon days. So I decided do some diligent research on ways to make laundry less of a struggle.

My goal was to also find ways to get the kids involved without them fighting or arguing. laundry-basket-md

So after consulting various parenting sites, it became pretty clear that it’s so important to identify appropriate tasks for children to do based on their social development and age. It is also just as important to make clean clothing available to them at eye level. This way those children that can put on their own clothes do not struggle reaching various clothes.

I have since compiled seven great tips for simplifying laundry and organizing clothing for parents with multiple kids:

1. Have the oldest children separate mother and father’s clothing into dark and lights. A third pile should contain all socks (I’ll explain the sock thing later). This way either parent does not have to worry about spending unnecessary time separating their clothing; therefore, they can get the laundry done much faster.

2. For those children old enough to, have them separate their own laundry into lights, dark, and socks. It’s easy to mark bins with the terms lights, dark, and socks. Each child could have a different color container so that clothing does not get misidentified.

3. When folding clothing for the children, roll the clothing instead of folding the clothing into neat folds. The rolling technique is something even a toddler can accomplish easily. And when mommy has to get involved, rolling takes up less time than folding. Also, folding allows the clothing to become more visible for children to pick-out daily.

4. When storing rolled clothing into drawers, choose drawers at the eye-level of each child.

5. When selling old clothing to resale shops, consider using the money to restock laundry supplies. This helps take the financial stress of constantly purchasing detergent, softener, bleach, etc, all of the time (out of pocket).

6. On Sunday’s when doing the adult laundry, have the children take part in reorganizing and stocking the laundry supply closet, if they are old enough.

7. Outgrown clothing should be stored in containers divided by gender and size to hand over to other children in the house. Allow the children to choose clothing they like.

This takes us to the sock thing and the days to complete all the laundry. If you begin to separate all the socks from the rest of the laundry, the socks can all be completed in one or two loads. What could work the best are completing all the children clothing on Monday through Friday, mommies and daddy’s clothing on Saturday, and leave Sunday for the socks. By selecting one style of socks for each child such as crew, bobby, or balled ones, each child should be able to recognize their socks.

The most important thing to remember is to include your children in the laundry and organizing as appropriate to their age and social development. Make it fun for the children to get involved and you can save so much time and even a little money.

This is a guest post by Susan Daniels.

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