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(Proverbs 21:21 NASB)

Feature Blog ~ Shaping a New Me — One Girl’s Journey from Fat to Fabulous

Today is a BIG DAY for a fellow blogger. She is having surgery, specifically, a Gastric Sleeve Procedure.

She shared with a group I'm in, that she is more excited than nervous. For anyone interested in following her journey, she has a new weight loss blog up and running, she is still working on things and would love to have you follow and/or subscribe to her updates. :)

Shaping a New Me - One Girl's Journey from Fat to Fabulous

Her first Vlog went up last night. Stop in to see her "pre-surgery speech."

Shaping a New Me - One Girl's Journey from Fat to Fabulous

Everyone is put on a different journey in life. When we choose to participate we make it all worth while.



** UPDATE ~ Tree has closed this blog, but you can still find her at Mother of Pearl It Is


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  1. Tree says:

    Thank you so much for post­ing this! I had no idea you did. :) I don’t have my Shap­ing a New Me blog any­more.. couldn’t keep up with 3 blogs. lol But, I am doing well, and will be updat­ing on my reg­u­lar blog, Mother of Pearl It Is, peri­od­i­cally. Thanks again for shar­ing my news!!

    • MusingMom6 says:

      I can com­pletely under­stand! I’m glad things are going well and I will update the url, etc.


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