He who pursues righteousness and loyalty Finds life, righteousness and honor.

(Proverbs 21:21 NASB)

Do You Have “Faith” in Your Blog?

One of my Blogger blogs was mostly faith based. I've tried to incorporate that here. I found it difficult to separate my faith from my general ramblings. I am the kind of person that doesn't set aside time for God. I include Him in everything I do. I talk with Him all day long, rather than put a time limit on prayer or scripture.

I heard of faithful business owners that are known and loved because you can see their faith in everything they do in their business. What about putting those things into practice for your blog? Might your blog be or become your business?

Do You Have "Faith" in Your Blog?

Here are 10 things you can do to bring your faith into your business.


  1. Praying for your business. I pray for guidance, in thanksgiving and to understand what I need to do.
  2. God’s ecomony. I am honest about money. I'm not looking to make myself a millionaire, nor would I intentionally sell you something you didn't need or lie about the quality of an item.
  3. Your calling. I know God has a plan for me. I know there is a purpose for me to be blogging, I pray I'm doing what He wants.
  4. Your spiritual gifts. What are your strongest spiritual gifts? Fortitude? Giving? Leadership? Mercy?
  5. Managing your time. I struggle like everyone else with this one. Moderation is the key and you need to find the organizational tool that works for you.
  6. Business by The Book. Don't lie, cheat or steal. It is the simplest thing to do, yet all too often it is the least heeded of suggestions.
  7. Your mentors. Very important, you want to learn from people who are doing business by the book.
  8. Overcoming personal obstacles. I have a hard time speaking in public. I get nervous and feel like everything I do is being scrutinized. In the beginning of my blog I was afraid to say too much or too little. I'm overcoming that obstacle that made writing difficult.
  9. Pursuing excellence. Always do your best. We are not "perfect" and there is always room for improvements.
  10. Sharing your faith. If you are not comfortable sharing in a verbal (or written) then lead by example. Showing your faith in an outward way is good,also.

What do you think of these things you can do to bring your faith into your business? Do You Have "Faith" in Your Blog?

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  1. Alissabeth says:

    Love this!!

    • MusingMom6 says:

      Thank you! I have tried to “be the change”. I think some­times I get mis­un­der­stood, I’m glad you liked it :)

  2. melody says:

    Per­son­ally I don’t know how to keep my faith OUT of my blog! ;) It is part of me and it ‘shines’ through. :)

  3. Debbie says:

    Thanks for this post. A few other Chris­t­ian blog­gers and myself are cur­rently col­lab­o­rat­ing on a joint blog — to encour­age other Chris­t­ian mums/parents and to help keep each other account­able in the “worldly” world of blog­ging. We have used Matthew 5:14 as our inspi­ra­tion, to be like a city on a hill. This is a per­fect post to share with them to encour­age them as we get ready to launch. On my own per­sonal blog, I can’t sep­a­rate my faith from what I write — it’s a part of me, and one that read­ers will (hope­fully) see as well.

  4. Chacoy says:

    Beau­ti­ful post! It’s a reminder of why we are here and why we are able to do what we do…His path has led us here!

    • MusingMom6 says:

      Thank You! I totally agree. The “it’s all about me” atti­tude tends to mess things up. The Pay it For­ward atti­tude tends to make improve­ments for every­one :)

  5. Kim @ What's That Smell? says:

    I haven’t made a con­scious deci­sion to incor­po­rate faith into my blog but I don’t NOT either. I do some­times review Chris­t­ian books (most of my book reviews are Chris­t­ian based) and some­times my posts talk about faith, but prob­a­bly not as much as I could.

    Thansk for the tips, they cer­tainly are some­thing I will keep in mind.

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