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10 Tips for Starting a New Blog

I have put a lot of thought into what I've learned my first year of blogging. I've put together a list of things that are not only important to know, but some of them are things I wish I would have known from day one. I wish I had known a few things or had someone to guide me more.

 10 Tips for Starting a New Blog

1. Purchase a domain name. They are not expensive and only cost $10 or less per year. It is a small investment that is SO worth the money.

a. Blogger offers them w/privacy included. If you use Blogger for your blogging platform, just go to Settings in your dashboard to find the option.

b. GoDaddy has a wide variety of offers

c. HostGator is another popular one

2. Set up accounts on Facebook  & Twitter. If you will be vlogging set up a YouTube account. I'm seeing a few other options than YouTube, I don't know enough about them       to suggest any at this time. Hmm, maybe another post :)

3. If this blog is business related set up an account on LinkedIn. If you want to do reviews you can make PR connections.

4. Don't get overwhelmed with to host or not to host. Blog for a while and see if you want to go that route. There are people that do very well without self-hosting.

5. If you self-host on WordPress.org style platform, consider using a premium theme. Even if it is something you work into. I started with a free theme and then purchased my        theme later. We as a blogging community are finding that hackers can more easily set you up for viruses. Free plugins are also being targeted. Some of this can't be helped.            You can't purchase everything  you need. I just want you to be aware.

6. Premium themes are used with WordPress.org or self-hosted blogs. If you want to purchase a premium theme and don't know what premium themes are available, here is a list of ones I have seen or use. There may be more. These 3 offer a support forum also, which I have found very handy.

a. Genesis

b. Thesis

c. Headway

7. What is a Child Theme? Basically it is your design. Premium themes continue to work more efficiently if you create your designing elements on a separate CSS.

8. What is CSS? Cascading Style Sheet

9. Make contact and connections with others on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. You might find a new friend, sponsor or business connection.

10. Join Communities with other bloggers. It is a great way to network and learn.

Most of all, Have Fun!


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  1. Michael Vandegrift says:

    Wow I was lucky to see this post! I just started blog­ging a few weeks ago and there are a few gems you have in here that I need to pur­sue. I won­der what a fair price for a theme is. There are a ton of sites out there sell­ing pre­mium fees. Thanks for the tips!

    • MusingMom6 says:

      I under­stood from your com­ment, on my 10 Tips for Start­ing a Blog post, there may be a slight mis­un­der­stand­ing about “themes”. 

      I am not refer­ring to a design like my header. A theme is how the page is set up. Options for how the main blog page shows my dif­fer­ent con­tent. As an exam­ple: I have the same “theme” as this site http://3boysandadog.com/ we both use Gen­e­sis frame­work with Lifestyle theme.  They are both self-hosted Word­Press blogs. 

      Thank you so very much for com­ment­ing. Please visit again.

  2. Alissabeth says:

    Great infor­ma­tion! I started self host­ing after going to Savvy Blog­ging Sum­mit 2010. Best thing I ever did. I have a sec­ond blog that I have yet to start, but I imme­di­ately went with self host­ing. To me, it gives you an extra jump on your way up the blog­ging ladder.

    • MusingMom6 says:

      If you have the right host­ing pack­age you can add more than one blog to it. I know sev­eral peo­ple that have it set up that way. :)

  3. Deborah says:

    Great tips! I just trans­ferred to self host­ing WP. Learn­ing all the tips and tricks takes a while, but I’m get­ting there.

  4. jenny says:

    Awe­some tips! I love the gen­e­sis theme. I’ve been using it for a few months now!

  5. CinnyBBS says:

    Lov­ing the tips!

    Stop­ping by from BSMB FMFY.
    Whirl­wind of Surprises

  6. Lorri S says:

    Good tips! I didn’t know about the hack­ing into free tem­plates and plug-ins :(

    Now fol­low­ing on GFC {Lorri}

  7. Betsy @ Romance on a Dime says:

    I just bought my own domain name and set­ting up word­press on my Go Daddy account that I got through Blogelina’s Beginner’s class. There is a LOT to know I’m find­ing out!

  8. Chacoy says:

    This is such a great resource! I have been debat­ing on whether or not I want to change my theme! I need more space on my side­bars but am so not ready to go through the design process again! I priced a few places when I was going through my move and was blown away by the prices– $500 & up! UH I don’t have a mort­gage to take out! lol
    I may have to link to these if you don’t mind?

    • MusingMom6 says:

      You are wel­come to link away :) I have been con­sid­er­ing tak­ing a online class for design info. There are a cou­ple of places that do them. Email me if you want the links. I also came across a web­site that gives HTML & CSS info. I’m plan­ning to search Gen­e­sis sup­port forum for info as well. I need more room. I know it can be done b/c I’ve seen other sites with sim­i­lar themes to ours that are wider.

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