Video Games are So Expensive!

My kids love to play the DS and Wii, but my wallet doesn't like the prices. We borrow some video games and movies from the library making it a little better. I'm just not keen on spending $20-$30 for each one and I had heard of GameFly about a month ago and decided to give it a try. They rent video games for many different game systems. Here is a sample list.

  • Wii
  • DS - All versions
  • Playstation
  • Xbox

If you haven't tried GameFly now is a good time. They are offering a promotion that is a great bargain. Get 1 month Free by using my link I get a month Free also. See it's win-win! :)

It is as easy as Netflix to use, just set up your account. Put 3 choices of video games in your que and they send you the first available game choice. Just one more way to save money.

Sign Up, Get One Month Free for You and I Get One FREE!

 We rented Just Dance 2 first. WOW! They really liked it. One of the girls has been using Wii Fit for quite some time, we purchased it when we got the system. She said it really is a good workout.

 Don't forget about GameFly Rewards 

  • 5 GameFly Dollarsevery 3 months
  •  5% off Used game purchasesand 
  • 5 GameFly Dollars every 3 months
  •  10% off  Used game purchasesand
  • 5 GameFly Dollars every 3 months

GameFly Rewards never stop! When you reach Level 3, you'll get 5 GameFly Dollars every 3 months and 10% off all used purchases as long as you remain a member.

As gamers we believe that when you play more, you should get more. The longer you're a GameFly member, the higher the Rewards Level you'll reach, and the more Rewards you'll receive.

Become a member today and begin receiving your GameFly Rewards!



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  1. jenny says:

    We used to do game­fly. It’s pretty awesome!

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