One Crazy Week ;p

I have to tell you it has been nuts! I will start with the good news first because I have to keep focusing on that one thing to get through the days right now.

Some of you may or may not know, my husband is a pilot. Actually, he would correct me, he is Aviation Department Manager for a large company. That being said, he just flies the planes and does all administration duties. So any way, he was given a gift for being instrumental in the selling of a couple of airplanes. Since he has complete access to an iPad through work, he gave his gift to me! : D I'm writing this post on my brand new iPad. Mine, I don't have to share it, I can hardly believe it!

white ipad

I'm still trying to decide what kind of sleeve, screen and case to get, anyone have any suggestions? And, it is the white one :) we talked about getting an iPad when they first can out. I told my husband we needed the 32 gig, wi-fi and then when AT&T started offering the data plan that was a no brainer. You know, he argued with me! We don't need wi-fi! Guess what, when he started researching for his EFD (electronic flight deck) everyone told him exactly what I said! See he should have just listened to me to begin with. (sheepish grin) The FAA has approve iPads as tools acceptable for the pilots to use in place of charts and maps that previously took up a lot of room and they can save a few trees in the process.

So for the craziness, hubby was going to be gone most of the month with trips. Back to the Aviation Department Manager thing, he is currently the only pilot. They need 3 minimum to run the department affectively. He has been sick this year like never before, re: too much work for one guy, and will now be undergoing the "knife". He had 2 severe infections battling in his system from January through April. He even removed himself from flight status for a month. So anyway he sees the surgeon on Friday.

I'm not sure what's going on with me I've had worsening of my back pain again. Extremely aggravating. Day 5 is at least better than day 1 & 2. Last night my muscles in my lower back were knots. Literally, you could feel them above my waistband.

We are involved in some ugly legal stuff, something that happened to one of our kids. in short, we are at 4 years and waiting for a trial. We were contacted a few weeks ago that a new "special" prosecutor has been assigned to the case. Since this has taken a long time due to an appeal, followed by another appeal, followed by an Indiana State Supreme Court ruling in our favor. Blah! The feel good part of "having something good come out of something bad" really hasn't soaked in. It all still sucks. Our daughter and our family will have to live with the horrible effects of this tragedy for the rest of our lives.

School will be starting in a few more weeks. I'm hoping this school year goes smoothly. I need some calm, peaceful, happy days.

Oh! My header is a train wreck. The WP and Genesis updates are not making me a happy blogger. I've sent an email to a designer I've interviewed before the update and still waiting. I may have to change to someone else.

**UPDATE** Yeah! I finally fixed it! I still want to make some changes. I searched again for the header height in the editor and found one I had not changed.

Any references would be gladly accepted. I'm ready to make some changes.

Hopefully it will all get squared away and I can find something to help my back. Until then...


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  1. marie says:

    Oh my– good stuff, not so good stuff and awful.. like a stress salad! Hope it all calms down for you, yay and a lit­tle hop-skip on the IPad, though!

  2. Chacoy says:

    I am so happy for you! I have been want­ing an iPad but have a feel­ing once I buy one they will come out with a new one(my luck)!

    I hope your pain has sub­sided?! I don’t suf­fer from back pain but my dad does and I know some­times he is out of com­mis­sion from the pain. I hope that you will find some relief soon:)

    It will all work out-the header looks great! I have been look­ing into get­ting a new design-man they are expen­sive so when I hit the lot­tery, I will splurge for the both of us to get a new look for our sites!! haha(hopefully a ticket lands in my lap soon!!)

    Just remem­ber that God only gives us what we can han­dle. I know some­times it seems like we can’t but he guides us through it and then we come out stronger, bet­ter, and much wiser!!

    • MusingMom6 says:

      Thank you! I know it will all get bet­ter in time.

      I cant’t remem­ber if the next iPad is due out any time soon. I like what I have and am thank­ful I received it. They didn’t have to give him a perk. But it was sure nice for me that they did. I don’t get gift very often so I am always very appre­cia­tive when I do :)

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