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I am offering features to businesses by women on Musing Mom Media

I was blessed to meet these two women while blog hopping and they are my first book features. Please join me in learning a little about what they are doing and why. Vivian and Lisa are great to talk to, I've shared a few tweets and emails during the process.

Positive Parental Participation

 Vivian Kirkfield is an award-winning author, educator and mom of three. Her books are used in her local school system to assist children in learning activities.

Planet Weidknecht - Living in my own little world 

Author Lisa Weidknecht created Raindrop Dreams and E is for Emotions for her daycare kiddos.

Do you know a woman entrepreneur, author or shop owner that would like to be featured? Email Me

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I will be posting information about starting a business, internet marketing, etc. I have scoured for good information to learn more and want to share all the good stuff with you.

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    Very Inter­est­ing, Love it! Nice site, I will be sure to come back to visit! Vis­it­ing you from twit­ter moms!

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    • MusingMom6 says:

      Thanks, I hope you went over and read the fea­ture. These ladies have some pretty cool books :)

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