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Question Moms — Do You Like Surveys?

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Sign up to participate with QuestionMoms

Question Moms is an interesting and refreshing change to the usual survey and small home type business marketing.

I joined Question Moms sometime back and the pace comes and goes. The foundational efforts to help give feedback to the businesses looking to market their products is the basis for some of the surveys.

Question Moms also have an opportunity to review products.

You fill out a form with your info that is easy to access so you can update it when your stats change. Recently they have started adding more ways to help you promote your blog giveaways.

Most survey I've taken so far have been $1 and you can cash out at $20. The amount and frequency of surveys is based on availability and if you qualify for the survey. If you don't have children under the age of 6 you won't get asked to fill out a survey based on those type products.

One really nice thing about Question Moms, it helps fellow bloggers get their products and services noticed.

Visit QuestionMoms and find out more today!

Disclaimer: From time to time I will share information about products and services I recommend and/or use. Assume I may be affiliated with these products or services. For more information read my Disclosure Page

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