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I was honored today to be recognized by a meme - Pay it Forward.


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It's About Time Mamaw

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Pay it Forward


I started my little blog in January 2010 wanting to find an outlet for my thoughts and experiences. It took me till July 19th, 2010 to really get it all in gear. It is overwhelming at times, all the things to learn and see and do. I never really new any old person could put their thoughts out into the vast space of the internet and that anyone else really cared. I have found that there are a lot of people like me, that just want to be heard. Society is changing and evolving and, at times, de-evolving. Maybe, just maybe people like me and all the other "small potato" blogs will find our place in this jumbled up set of numbers and letters and characters, and just maybe make a real difference.

I have always held a strong faith in God and that good is returned by good. Sadly, we don't always see it done.

Simplistic, I know, but really in the big scope of the knowledge we all seek, it really is right in front of our noses.


My addition to the Pay it Forward meme is:

Living in La La Land Blog

Living in La La Land-blog,

I met Chacoy a little while ago and she has been helping me and I her with the business of blogging. I've found outlets that I have never heard of through her experience. She has a new blog that is an off-shoot of her original. Don't be alarmed if you visit and it is totally different, she is also moving to WordPress soon and giving it a makeover.

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  1. Laura O in AK says:

    Vis­it­ing from the Pay in For­ward meme. Thanks for shar­ing another great blog­ger. I’ve been blog­ging for 3 years, but only in the past year have I been try­ing to actively ‘grow’ my blog. Still find­ing my voice and con­tem­plat­ing a move to self-hosted.

    I’m your 735th fol­lower now and look for­ward to read­ing more posts here in the future.

    Laura O in Ak

    • MusingMom6 says:

      Thank you!

      My move to word­press kind of fell in my lap. I do enjoy the ben­e­fits. If you are ready for the move I would go for it. There is a lot of the Inter­net open­ing up to blogs that put the time and effort into it. Email me at any time if you need any­thing or to ask ques­tions. I’m always happy to help.

  2. Chacoy says:

    WOW, I am speech­less for the first time in a long time! Thank you MOAMM, that is too sweet, but you have been help­ing me out a great deal. It’s so great to know that you can make great long last­ing friend­ships in the blog­sphere!
    I am now going to be par­tic­i­pat­ing in this Pay It For­ward Meme it’s great!
    Thanks again;)

  3. Pamela says:

    So much fun check­ing out all these blogs. I’m here from Pay it For­ward and am so glad to meet you and your blog.

    I’ve been blog­ging since Novem­ber 2010 and whew…I agree. it’s quite a ride!

  4. [email protected] Life-Sized Catholic Blog says:

    Thanks for your involve­ment in “Pay It For­ward”. I can’t believe you’ve only been blog­ging for a year, and look at what an expert you are! Some of us are still mak­ing our way through “Blog­ging for Dummies”~nice job.

    Don’t be stranger …I’ll be watch­ing for your words of wis­dom in the future.

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