Do You Have a Plumbing Story, too?

We live in a 97 year old house. I'm pleased to say we don't have a lot of plumbing problems except tree roots in the old clay pipes in the yard. We've had a drain clog but no really big issues. All the pipes were replaced with the renovation.

My husband is a bit of a handy man with most things. This particular problem seems to block off logic reception in his brain. When it rains we usually have clogs. He seems to think every clog is because the kids have used too much toilet paper. We don't go through a lot of toilet paper so I've not nailed down the cause of this theory.

Any way, one of the clogs was bad enough he had to call a friend who is a plumber. They got a snake and the work began. My hubby is carrying on about the kids and the toilet paper all the while.

I checked in on the progress only to have my husband tell me about all the toilet paper. His friend looked up at me and said, "I'm leaving a container of root kill, follow the directions on the back." I asked if that was the problem and he nodded his head yes. This happened about 6 years ago. My husband is finally beginning to let go of the toilet paper theory. We really don't go through that much.

Now he talks about using adult sized Tonka Equipment to dig up the yard.

Oh, boy!


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  1. Sandra Tyler says:

    Oh, yes, lots of plumb­ing sto­ries. My most recent favorite at Gramma’s, when my son couldn’t find an extra roll of toi­let paper, so he resorted to the roll of paper tow­els he found under the sink.…you can imag­ine the rest of the story.

    • MusingMom6 says:

      Oh my! When our old­est was 5 or 6 Poc­a­hon­tis was The kids meal toy. Capt John Smith became sewer man! It was a mess when the toi­let clogged! Not to men­tion the repair mess! Yuck!

      Thanks for stop­ping by!

  2. Chacoy says:

    I hate when they try to blame the toi­let paper! As if they don’t use any?? lol
    Luck­ily we are the ones who know what we’re talk­ing about;)

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