Weathering the Storm of Chronic Pain

I've been in a bit of a stupor. I'm not ready for summer and this weather has me in mind numbing pain most days.

Back in 2007 I was in a car accident. A speeding car and a slowing car don't mix. Yes I lived. Yes I could have been hurt worse or even killed. I did sustain life altering damage to my spine. Both in my lower back and my cervical areas. I am investigating disability but my chances are slim since I haven't worked in over 20 years.

My lower back took the worst hit. A bulging disc between the last lumbar and first sacral. Being that it is not where it belongs it pushes on a nerve that has created a perpetual numbness through the entire right side of my body. The doctor and physical therapist termed it, "a less than sensitive feeling". By this I do not mean the prickly numb I mean dead like. The only treatment I was offered was Fusion Surgery. I have a high chance of being paralyzed if I do the surgery on my back.

The numb does not over shadow the pain though. The weather here has been chilly and rainy. Moving is painful and pain medication helps but they make me foggy. I also take a 24 hour or time release muscle relaxer. I have severe spasms that just won't stop. The medicines do help but if I push myself I will "break through" the relaxing part and will deal with spasms anyway.

My neck has a bulging disc at 6 and 7. Whip lash, I know. Some of it is better. Although I do get a nerve pain with a headache and blurred vision if I push myself to hard.

I am finding a mental comfort in my decision to return to crafting and sewing. I've finished one crochet project and working on another. I need more supplies for a couple of other projects I have in mind. I will be setting up a shop once I have a few things to offer. I do hope you will visit to see if you have any interest in my items. I am hoping to open for business by July at the latest.

Due to the issues I have I am unable to go back to the thoughts of working. I hope I can make a little to help out the finances. The economy is making it ridiculous on our budget. I have always used the minimalist perspective in my purchasing and it doesn't seem to be helping any more.

Please don't think I'm a downer. I am positive that things will get better. Some how. I had not shared this before and wanted to let everyone know about my shop and plans.

I will be posting my Mother's Day letter from my oldest daughter from a few years ago. She allowed me a chance to know I do a good job. I am so proud of her and this letter I had it laminated.


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