Have You Ever Gotten One of “Those” Christmas Gifts?

I guess I would have to describe my position in both my husband's and my families as the "Black Sheep". I have always been one to go against the grain, not wanting to be like anyone else and just be me. In saying that, you should know:

1. I did not have a teenage pregnancy.
2. I did not Have to get married.
3. I was 24 yr old when I walked down the aisle with my "Prince Charming".
4. We didn't use birth control to remain childless for 5yr to get a financial foundation set up.
5. I did not return to college.
6. I am a SAHM.
7. I am HAPPY to be a SAHM.
8. I have more than 3 children.
9. I have a deep and personal relationship with God.
10. I have only been married once.

July, 2005, my husband lost his job. Not for poor performance, downsizing. We were beginning to find financial footing, then it was all pulled right out from under us. This was the second time in 15yr of marriage we went through losing a job.

My mother-in-law is not a very nice person. That said, she is also a full blood German and thinks God granted her the authority to dictate everyone's life.

The last 3 years she has given me some very thoughtless gifts. I have never said a word to her, but the look on her face is pretty much, "I don't care!". These items were "re-gifts" and not even anything I could have tried to use. I'm 5"2', the sweatpants were "Tall", a dated Christmas bell (she would have gotten this from her bridge group exchange) and a small sample/hotel bottle of hand sanitizer. This woman is ruthless. She then gave my husband a check for $150, she had never done that before!

Needless to say, even my husband is at wits end with her. We skipped inviting them to Thanksgiving this year my blood pressure just couldn't handle it. We haven't made any real plans yet for Christmas and my blood pressure is still not under control. After 20 years of her aggravating ways, I'm ready to divorce her and keep my husband.

OK, I've wanted to find a writing prompt I could relate to and this may be it!


My question to you, Have You Ever Gotten One of "Those" Christmas Gifts?
Please leave a comment and tell me about your experience.

PS. I will expand on my "list" in a later post.


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  1. QueenB says:

    Thanks for the fol­low– already fol­low­ing you!

    My in laws give things to us like items they didnt sell at their tag sale– with the .25 price tag on it– my hus­band got “Happy Hol­i­days” golf tees AGAIN last year. He hasn’t golfed since his bach­e­lor party– if he has free time he goes fish­ing– and has, for 7.5 years– not golf. If I get any­thing its junk– expired choco­late bars, half used sam­ples of lotion…

    It only hurts that they ignore my kids on hol­i­days. They have 5 grand­kids, 3 are mine. They are very very gen­er­ous with the other 2 grand­kids. Mine are just ignored…

    I just try to give them all that they need and shield them as much as I can when we’re forced to be around them. I feel bad for the daugh­ters of these mother in laws– and at least we know our sons won’t deal with this!!

  2. Big Fat Mama says:

    Romans chap­ter 14 always helps me when deal­ing with dif­fi­cult people.

  3. jaynelc says:

    This is SO hilar­i­ous to me, not because I enjoy your mis­for­tune, but because my hus­band has a Ger­man grand­mother who is EXACTLY THE SAME!

    Six weeks after I had my daugh­ter, she turned up at our house and pro­ceeded to tell me that my front gar­den was a state and I should do some­thing about it. Oh, and she also asked me why I hadn’t man­aged to shift any of my baby weight yet?!

    For the first two years of my nephews life, she insisted on call­ing him by his mid­dle name as she didn’t think that Zack was a proper name for a boy. She also bought him sev­eral gifts that were for girls, i.e. a dolly and a pink blan­ket. She thinks she can run every­ones lives, send­ing ascer­bic let­ters and the like, and gets stub­born and pouty when we don’t want to go round there and be insulted.

    This year, for my daugh­ters 2nd birth­day, she bought her a sto­ry­book about how foxes are evil and another item which was an obvi­ous chok­ing haz­ard. One year, she bought me a clothes airer.

  4. Kim at Beehive Blog says:

    Hand San­i­tizer??? oh sweetie — serve her with those papers!

    The worst that I ever got was this hor­rific fat almost porno­graphic mer­maid. The gifter said — I saw her and thought of you! I am not sure what was more insult­ing — the mer­maid or the com­ment. LOL!
    Happy Christ­mas, dar­ling & wel­come to the Under the Umbrella Network!

  5. Mika says:

    I’m fol­low­ing from the blog hop.
    I’d love a fol­low back at www.mikaspantry.blogspot.com

  6. Denisse Marie says:

    Wow I have no words for this. San­i­tizer! I don’t know if I could have kept my mouth shut when rece­viv­ing that gift.

    I tend to com­plain a lot about my mother-in-law but mainly because I have a back­ground of very help­ful, con­sid­er­ate, lov­ing, and great cook­ing grand­moth­ers. She tends to be the com­plete oppo­site as a grand­mother and I just can’t under­stand it.

    But, I guess we all have dif­fer­ent strug­gles because at least she gives good gifts espe­cially to my daugh­ters dur­ing the hol­i­days and on birthdays.

    Some­times the only way to deal with cer­tain peo­ple in our lives is not with our own power, but God’s.

    Happy Hol­i­days!

  7. Shawn Lamb says:

    Hand san­i­tize. Well, use the bot­tle to wash your hands of her, either sym­bol­i­cally on in her presence.

  8. aobibliophile™ says:

    hi Mus­ing Mom. thanks for drop­ping by my blog and for being a fol­lower. i’m return­ing the love. i don’t think i received one of “those” gifts. for­tu­nately the ones i get are what i need and can use. happy hol­i­days! c”,)


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